A new design, user-focused sidebar, and a mobile-friendly layout


Later today Sentry will have a brand new look. Here’s a quick overview of what’s changing.

Quick access to the things that matter to you

No matter your workflow, it’s important to have quick access to the issues you care most about. With this in mind, we designed a user-focused sidebar that gives you one-click access to issues that are assigned to you, bookmarked by you, or that you’ve recently looked at.

Improved mobile support

We vastly improved the way Sentry works on tablets, phones, and other small devices.

Have some self respect while you monitor errors

This is the biggest UI update that we’ve made to Sentry in quite some time. Here are the highlights:

  • The color scheme now matches our brand colors set forth last month by Cameron McEfee on our marketing pages.
  • The app layout is now fluid and spans the full width of the browser.
  • We killed as much unnecessary chrome as we could to fit more data on screen.
  • We took a few small step towards making the app more accessible (and vow to continue to do so).

Reactions, thoughts, and QA

We’re excited to ship these changes and are working double-time to get them to you as quickly as possible. Once it’s live, please use this thread to share your thoughts and reactions. We’re looking forward to hearing them.

While we don’t anticipate any major visual bugs, we expect there to be a handful of smaller ones here and there. Let us know if you see anything out of place.



The new design is great! Nice work.

One small issue I hit - it took me a while to find out how to click on the new items.

When you hover over with the mouse the items look like links, but only the ‘read more’ text is a link. It would be nice if I could click anywhere on the item.


Great timing @marcomorain. We fired off a deploy a few minutes ago that will fix this. Appreciate the feedback!


Looking good!

Can I edit the org logo? Or are we locked into generated SVGs?

Also, you probably want to add hover text to the left menu strip icons :slight_smile:


@robert-stuttaford We’re planning to follow up with custom org avatars. Good call re: hover text. Added to our todos here: https://github.com/getsentry/sentry/issues/4281.


WOW it feels much better!



I can’t put my finger on why, but it feels much easier to find the tasks assigned to me. Love the change!


Nice update! Out of curiosity, were the improvements for smaller devices done as a lot of users were on these devices, or was it more to follow best practices?


A mix of wanting usability on mobile, as well as best practices. We have some automated visual testing in place now, and while it’s not yet perfect for nailing things down, its at least making this a lot easier (without sacrificing iteration speed).


It appears that many configuration pages such as the alerts/rules page are not working. Also there doesn’t appear to be a permanent link to the configuration pages of a project.


@atateno There are cases where the project settings link isn’t shown (like if the user doesn’t have the proper access level). If you’re able to provide more details about the issue, we’ll look into it.


it appears that it was a permissions issue. thank you!


Hi I’ve just started using Sentry and it’s really awesome! But I’m a bit confused, and I would like to try to explain why.

The thing I feel most uncomfortable with is that I’m always wondering if I might not have missed an issue on Sentry. Is there an unassigned issue somewhere that I should be aware of? I navigate around, looking for some way to be absolutely sure I’ve not missed something.

Could there be a more obvious space with all unassigned issues? as a team with only one developper (myself), I don’t really care about issues assigned to me, it’s much more important to me to see unassigned issues.

Secondly, could there be a better signal that I’ve cleared everything and need not worry anymore? When you manage inbox zero on Inbox by Google for instance, you get a nice sunny animation telling you “good job, you’ve reached your goal!”.

These are only suggestions of course, feel free to tell me if I’ve missed something obvious or if I’m not thinking things the right way.

And I love Sentry so far :heart:️ thanks so much!


@aybbyk Glad to hear you’re finding Sentry useful!

To answer your first question, we provide a default saved search for issues that are both unassigned and unresolved that we’ve labeled Needs Triage. It can be found at the project level under the Issues tab as shown here:

Re: “Inbox zero” — it’s is something we’ve been thinking about off and on for a while. It’s slightly more complicated than it seems due to the different ways people use Sentry, as well as the additional technical overhead in managing the various states a project could be in. However, I agree some sort form of better feedback here would be a nice addition.


Thanks for the tip!

And its good to know you already thought of this. If you needed any more feedback on how it was to get started with sentry, feel free to contact me! I’d be glad to share my experience.