Ability to create issues conditionally


Disclaimer: I am new to Sentry.

Recently my company registered for Sentry online SAAS offer.
I am integrating it in an open-source configuration management tool we built, whose backend is in Java Spring Boot : https://github.com/voyages-sncf-technologies/hesperides

Now I have a couple of questions about the issues creation logic.
Given the general meaning of the term “issue”, I am expecting them to only be created for problematic situations that would trigger alerts.
However my Spring Boot application regularly sends Java exceptions to Sentry that correspond to HTTP 4XX status codes, and hence are not abnormal per se, but currently systematically create issues in Sentry.

I found out that I can entirely filter out some exceptions through some Sentry settings : https://github.com/Lucas-C/hesperides/blob/sentry_doc/documentation/architecture/monitoring.md#sentry
But then I cannot even see those events in Sentry.

Hence my questions are :

  • is it possible to create issues only for some events ? (e.g. not matching a list of exception names)
  • is it possible to create issues only when a certain number of such events appear ?

Many thanks for any help / advice provided !