Add copy button on each step of stack traces

Each time debugging an exception one have to copy the path and the line of the code, or navigate to it in another way, but copying is the simplest.

At least IntelliJ products will happily fast find and open a file for you if you do “shift+shift” and paste something like this: “path/to/a/file/index.js:234” and hit Enter. May be other IDEs embrace this format too. IntelliJ also works with “path(line_number)”.

As for now, it’s not as convenient, since one has to be very precise on the left edge of the path to select it, and remember the line of code or delete the function name inside.

I request adding a copy icon with the functionality of copying path and line in one of the mentioned formats, or at least formats supported by most IDEs on each line of stack traces. That’s be a bliss.

Thank you.