Angular: Best Practices

Hello guys,

I would like to use Sentry for my frontend application. My frontend application is made with Angular 8. I am having some issues understanding what the preffered approach here is.

First of all, organization wise I am not allowed to give Sentry access to the whole repository, so that option is out of question.

My main issue right now is that the information I am getting are only semi useful due to the nature of minified JavaScript code. I am using TypeScript (Angular default) and would like to make use of the SourceMaps. I do not want to deploy the source maps I am generating to my webserver though.

What should my workflow look like if I don’t want to deploy my source maps with my build? Should I make use of Angular’s “hidden” source maps?
Plus, is the webpack plugin the recommended approach? I guess I could move the sourcemaps with a postbuild file to a separate folder but I assume that the webpack plugin runs while building and not afterwards.

Thanks for your input