Does Sentry support sourcemaps for development and staging environments on different branches?

We are currently using Bugsnag for both PHP and JS errors but I’m having some problems working out whether it’s possible to support different sourcemaps for different environments and branches. I can’t find anything in Bugsnag that supports this and I’m worried that Sentry might have the same problem. If this is something Sentry supports then we would probably switch over.

As far as I can tell, in Bugsnag (and maybe Sentry too) you can only differentiate your sourcemaps by specifying the app version. So my main question is, how can you have working sourcemaps for staging and development when they could have the same app version, but very different code?

It’d probably be too complex to make function in development since you’d need to push sourcemaps on every single code change. In staging you often have a version of the app (e.g. the git sha) so its much more reasonable to push them up.