Does sentry use sourcesContext from the source map files?

I thought I had this working at one point. Not sure what happened so wondering if anyone knows how to make this work.

I have an app built with browserify --debug and I have exorcist pulling out the sourcemaps into a separate file. Everything gets uploaded to sentry and the errors seem to be using the sourcemaps, however there’s no context, i.e. I cannot see the code (and surrounding lines) causing the error.

The docs mention uploading all of the source files to sentry, and maybe it’s just ignorance on my part but I’m not sure how to easily find and upload all of the source files. There’s my app’s source which is obviously easy to find, but along with that there are also various files in node_modules which would have to be uploaded.

I notice that my sourcemap files have sourcesContext which is exactly what I need - all of the source code that I would otherwise have to upload manually.

So, it seems the source is contained within the sourcemap files, however sentry is still trying to pull down the source code from my server.

Any way to make this work with sourcesContext? Is there some configuration I have to change or is sourcesContext just not supported?

In case anyone comes here with the same problem:

I’m using bluebird to catch unhandled promise rejections because it seems most browsers do not support the unhandledrejection event.

the bluebird unhandled promise rejection errors have a modified stacktrace that makes debugging difficult, so I installed source-map-support to make the bluebird exceptions more useful.

turns out that was the issue here - source-map-support was modifying the stacktrace resulting in something sentry couldn’t resolve.

Not entirely clear on what exactly is happening (need to dig a little more), but disabling/removing source-map-support fixed my issue.