Dynamic deployment folder prevents Sentry from grouping issues

I noticed that our Sentry issues are not grouped together. I assume this is related to the fact that the stack trace is not 100% identical because we have a dynamic deployment path (date + deployment counter), e.g. 2019-09-09.3 (third deployment on that day)

Example; stack trace is identical, except for the very first line:

issue group1
/var/www/<project_name>/deployments/2019-09-09.6/cli/public/index.php at line 50

issue group2
/var/www/<project_name>/deployments/2019-09-10.1/cli/public/index.php at line 50

I would expect those two issues to be merged, but it’s not like this unfortunately.

The folder /var/www/<project_name>/deployments/ contains the last couple of deployments, e.g. 2019-09-10.1, etc… but the currently active deployment is linked via this path: /var/www/<project_name>/production/, which is a symbolic link to the latest deployment.

Did anyone have a similar experience and was able to solve it? Any advice is really appreciated, as we are currently drowning in duplicates.