Error during migration


i upgrade from 9.0 to 9.1.2 and when i launched sentry i hade an error. I don’t copy/past these error unfortunatly :roll_eyes:

But now if i relaunch the sentry upgrade i have nothing. And i have these error:
ProgrammingError: ProgrammingError('column sentry_groupenvironment.first_seen does not exist\nLINE 1: …d", “sentry_groupenvironment”.“first_release_id”, "sentry_gr…\n

Do you have any idea? Is it possible to know the status of migrations and trying a rollback or apply again the migration that failed?


What do you get when you run sentry upgrade again?

I had no migrations applied. I managed to do a roll back on migration and passed it again and seems to be ok. But now i have the following messages:
WorkerLostError: Worker exited prematurely: signal 9 (SIGKILL).
16:00:00 [ERROR] celery.worker.job: Task sentry.tasks.digests.deliver_digest[a91643c0-f380-4225-b8de-80b335fba461] raised unexpected: WorkerLostError(‘Worker exited prematurely: signal 9 (SIGKILL).’,) (data={u’hostname’: ‘celery@sentry-9-vwhtk’, u’name’: ‘sentry.tasks.digests.deliver_digest’, u’args’: “(u’mail:p:1’,)”, u’internal’: False, u’kwargs’: ‘{}’, u’id’: ‘a91643c0-f380-4225-b8de-80b335fba461’})


This one looks like your system killing the worker for some reason. Do you have enough resources (usually memory) to keep things up?