Filtering Issues and Events by Environment


We are using the environment tag to specify whether our events come from test, staging, or production environments.

On the project issues list it would be very useful to filter by environment so we could see which issues are only occurring on production (for example) rather than being swamped with minor issues from automated test runs. It would also be useful to be able to filter the events within an issue in the same way.


If this can’t be supported easily I think we will have to go back to having a separate project for each environment which is a shame as it seems we would be diverging from the intended usage of the feature.


You can search by environment using this syntax: environment:prod (or however you have labeled your environments - staging, test, etc).

Under Related Events in a specific issue you can search using the same term as above.

If you want to save a dashboard that filters on environment you can save a custom search.


I also don’t understand the intended purpose of the environment property.

I similarly just switched my project from having separate projects for each environment to using a single project and setting the environment property, and now our Slack notifications and other notifications are way too noisy because all environments are triggering events. We only want to see production errors in Slack, email, etc. There aren’t enough controls around the environment property to make it usable for real world notification flows.

Any suggestions? I’ll probably switch back to separate project per environment soon because there aren’t enough controls in the UI for differentiating on the environment property.


Anything @MeredithAnya?


Almost 2 years later and we still have to use different projects…