Getting SoftTimeLimitExceeded when trying to use Javascript source maps

We’re running Sentry 8.21.0 w/Docker on an m4.xlarge EC2 instance.

When we are using source maps, events sent through our Javascript app cannot be processed. It fails with SoftTimeLimitExceeded in

SoftTimeLimitExceeded: SoftTimeLimitExceeded()
  File "sentry/", line 323, in process_single_stacktrace
    rv = processable_frame.processor.process_frame(processable_frame, processing_task)
  File "sentry/lang/javascript/", line 612, in process_frame
  File "libsourcemap/", line 177, in get_original_function_name
    minified_source, sout)
  File "libsourcemap/", line 31, in rustcall
    rv = func(*(args + (err,)))
  File "billiard/", line 235, in soft_timeout_sighandler
    raise SoftTimeLimitExceeded()

Digging a bit, it seems like Sentry is setting a soft_time_limit of 60 in

If I modify this value to 120, it works fine. Maybe the server I’m running on is a bit slow for my 6.7MB bundle / 7.8MB bundle map files?

Is it sane to increase the timeout and continue with that?

If so, does it make sense to make this a configuration option?

Thank you.