Github integration doesn't associate commits

I believe I have everything set up properly with my organization -

  1. Under, you can see that Sentry is installed
  2. The configuration therein properly indicates that I’ve given repository access to the two repositories of interest in the project

And my personal account as well, which has my personal github identity associated with it.

And yet I still see this warning that I haven’t associated any commits yet:

Am I missing a step?

I might be missing one step:
Under your organization, go to “Repositories” and add the repo(s) you want to track commits for.

Per my initial post (#2), I’ve already done that, no?

As for the sentry organization configuration, I’ve got the two repos specified there as well.

@zeeg it seems like you’re the only person from Sentry who monitors this forum. Could you help me? I’d really like to be able to maximize the product, but it seems I’m stuck at at impasse.

For reference, here’s my configuration on github.

To associate commits you have to use the release API - you need to indicate which commits are part of which release.

Thanks for responding.

FWIW the docs are a bit misleading:

“There are two ways to create a release and associate commits: using a repository integration (recommended), or by manually supplying Sentry with your own commit metadata.”

And there’s two major headings for each supposed way of doing things. Might make sense to change the language there to be more specific.

Sent your feedback over to the team - and I agree. You cant actually couple commits to releases by just connecting to the repository. It just makes it easier to select a delta of commits since we can then look it up from the upstream provider.