How to verify successful installation of Raven.js client?

I’ve just configured the Raven.js client on my web application (via Raven.config('___PUBLIC_DSN___').install()) & is there a proper way to verify that I have setup everything correctly?

Here’s my current dilemma:

  • If my app is buggy & throws a lot of errors, I would definitely know that sentry is being setup up correctly if I received events on my dashboard.
  • However in the scenario where my sentry dashboard shows that there’re no events, how do I know whether if my app is working as intended or that the errors aren’t logged to sentry properly?
  • I have thought of making my app log an event whenever Raven.config('___PUBLIC_DSN___').install() is being executed on the client’s browser, but my intuition tells me that this isn’t the right/scalable way to do it.
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