Java does not send events to Sentry

I have already configured the DSN in my file and application.conf file to set the, but the exceptions are not been sent to Sentry server. I’m using the method “sentry.capture (throwable)” in my application, and debugging it, i can see that the exceptions are beeing captured. What is missing to send it to Sentry server?

hey @sergio.lima which SDK version are you working with? have you looked at if you didn’t miss any steps? thanks.

Hi! My project uses SDK 1.7 and PLAY Framework v1.2.7. I have an Default Controller with a method that captures all exceptions of project. I tried to use the command “Sentry.capture(throwable);” and it works, debugging I can see that my exception was captured, but it is not sent to Sentry Server…

I suggest you to file an issue on with all the info you have, the steps you`ve done, logs etc, so we can look at it with a bit more context.
It should be sending if set up like the docs and samples, something is missing or wrong, a test project or at least code snippets would help too, thanks.