Link to docs leads to login page that is unusable


Just signed up and created an account and a project, then selected C# as the language which leads to a URL of this format[my account]/[my project]/configure/csharp .

Clicking on view our complete documentation then leads to a login page which I can’t progress past with my newly created account.

Is this expected? I think there are three issues here;

  1. The csharp URL above is for documentation and seems to have been inadvertently protected.
  2. The login page that is then shown (/auth/login/clients/) displays no context. I don’t know why I’m being asked to login, to what or for what purpose. It just has a vague ‘Clients’ banner.
  3. On attempting to login, I don’t get any feedback at all. The page just reloads.

If anyone from the dev team is looking at this, the apostrophe in my surname normally causes things to keel over. Either that or it’s the ampersand in my company name.

Would love some feedback so I can see if I’m being daft.

Thanks in advance



Thanks @RyanONeill1970, it should be fixed now. Sorry for the confusion.