Need ability to merge sentry issues


Lot of times due to different error messaging styles of browsers
same error logged in different browsers have many issues
commenting, assigning on each of them is a pain

Is there a way i couldnt find myself? or please introduce this feature


Agreed, I would also love this feature. Nearly all issues I identify in the Sentry log are split into 3-8 different variants that vary by browser / OS. Even older Chrome separated from newer Chrome versions.

A merge feature would help so much!


You can select issues in your dashboards and merge them here:

Merging is a permanent action so just make sure you are merging the correct issues :slight_smile:


Thank you, I was wondering where the feature was hidden. :bow:
IMHO it would be a nice improvement to allow the user to merge from an error detail page or at least to show a hint how to do it. I was wondering how a coworker did it and could not find any action.