Nested/Encapsulated errors

Good day community,

In our node.js back-end we are using VError to nest errors when we propagate exceptions up the call stack in async contexts. It provides us with convenient way to attach important context information for issue investigations.

In past Sentry was able to neatly display a nested object with error names, descriptions and context information. Though somewhere within past 2-3 months something has changed in Error presentation section of the issue.

I am not entirely confident that there has been any changes on Sentry side as within that time frame we also have migrated from node’s Raven client to a Sentry’s Unified SDK. As well as moved the project from one organisation to a different one.

Therefore, I would like to ask for your experience. Particularly, in helping me determine if there has been considerate changes on Sentry’s websites UI side. I also would like to hear how do you solve error encapsulation and how is sentry handling it on UI side.