Nextjs- trouble with api source mapping when frontend works great

I’ve been working off of the with-sentry example in the Nextjs repo and it works great except that instead of Vercel, I’m hosting in a container. I have the frontend sourcemaps working, but my backend isn’t quite working yet.

Here you can see that my error is showing up and it references app:///_next/server/pages/api/graphql.js.

In the container, this file exists at: /app/.next/server/pages/api/graphql.js and the original file is located at /app/server/pages/api/graphql.ts within the docker container.

By contrast, in the repo the source code is all in a folder called nextjs so that same file is located at /nextjs/server/pages/api/graphql.ts in the repo.

The frame initially finds the filename of /app/.next/server/pages/api/graphql.js so I do the recommended switch using RewriteFrames to app:///_next/server/pages/api/graphql.js like it suggests in the documentation.

What am I missing here? I have my NEXT_PUBLIC_SENTRY_SERVER_ROOT_DIR=/app/, should it be something else?

Thanks so much!