Open_basedir restriction in effect

Hello, I am getting a PHP warning from raven regarding my php open_basedir configuration. Must I include the path of the php executable in my allowed paths in order for your library to work?

I have included a try catch in the _convertPath function, the warning is no longer produced but I can’t tell if this has any other effects on your source code.

Here is my call stack :

Error 2 realpath(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/opt/lampp/lib/php) is not within the allowed path(s): (LIST_OF_MY_PATHS) devbg/vendor/sentry/sentry/lib/Raven/Client.php 281
#0 [internal function]: Framework\Modules\Core\Framework::catchErrors(2, ‘realpath(): ope…’, ‘/p…’, 281, Array)

#1 /vendor/sentry/sentry/lib/Raven/Client.php(281): realpath(’/opt/lampp/lib/…’)

#2 [internal function]: Raven_Client::_convertPath(’/opt/lampp/lib/…’)

#3 /vendor/sentry/sentry/lib/Raven/Client.php(331): array_map(Array, Array)

#4 /vendor/sentry/sentry/lib/Raven/Client.php(180): Raven_Client->setPrefixes(Array)

#5 /resources/app/Framework/FrameworkConfig.php(152): Raven_Client->__construct(‘https://XXXX…’)