React Native Sentry- trimHeadFrames: Discarded unknown attribute


Any event is accompanied with:

There was 1 error encountered while processing this event

  • trimHeadFrames : Discarded unknown attribute

This happens both on Android and iOS devices, node v11.6.0 and npm v6.9.0 and RN Sentry 0.42

Doesn’t seem to be affecting anything else, just wondering why I’m getting this error message. It was also asked about in a github issue but never got a response.

I’ve been seeing this using cordova/ionic on Android. Have you gotten any resolution?

No, and no reply from Sentry (here or on the GH issue)

Hey, this can be safely ignored. This issue only surfaced recently because we implemented stricter payload validation on the server. We will fix this in the next major version of the SDK.