React native source not found for app:///main.jsbundle


It turned out --dist was the missing piece of the puzzle. Thanks for helping out!

I did not use sentry-cli react-native xcode because I didn’t feel the documentation was satisfying enough.


I’d like to hook into this discussion as we are having the same issue

Source code was not found for app:///
“url”: “app:///”

We are talking about a React native app, that is built for both Android and iOS, but we can’t get the sourcemap binding to work for the JS part and get the above error.
I though it maybe was due to the fact we are hosting our our own Sentry server, but I recently set the project up with the hosted solution on, basically following all the steps from the new setup-wizard, but still this issue persists.

Any suggestions what the problem could be? Thanks!


Hey, you have to make sure that the release / dist of your submitted events are exactly the same as the releases you create with sentry-cli.
Are you using your own build process or did you change how sentry-cli is invoked?


Yeah, they are.

Meanwhile I was able to get it to work via the hosted solution. On my locally hosted server I have the following file listing for the latest release:

| Name                       | Distribution | Source Map        | Size   |
| ~/     | 1048680      |                   | 2.64MB |
| ~/ | 1048680      |                   | 9.50MB |
| ~/main.jsbundle            | 167          | | 2.65MB |
| ~/        | 167          |                   | 9.48MB |

The main.jsbundle and are connected correctly it seems - uploaded through the Xcode script.
The and .map I upload manually through sentry-cli, but it seems that there the source code to sourcemap connection cannot be made.

For the iOS part I now get the following issue on my local server:

Source code was not found for app:///main.jsbundle
“url”: “app:///main.jsbundle”


fuck me! I’m crazy by this fucking problem


@uninow-sts Is your on-premise deployment using Kubernetes Helm chart by any chance?