Release missing from an issue

I am trying to use Sentry releases in one of my projects, however I am struggling to correctly tag an error (the release tag is missing on new issues).

  1. I have created a release and a deploy by executing the following commands:
sentry-cli --url <url> releases new -p project "$VERSION"
sentry-cli --url <url> releases set-commits --auto "$VERSION"
sentry-cli --url <url> releases finalize "$VERSION"
sentry-cli --url <url> releases deploys "$VERSION" new -e production
  1. Then I configured the node sentry-sdk
  dsn: '',
  release: $VERSION

For some reason all new events are missing the relese tag and I am not sure why. Am i missing something obvious?

BTW: I am using Sentry 9.1.2. The version of the SDK @sentry/node == 5.30.0