Set which project is 'active' by default on Web UI

When I go to I get taken to the Issues page. The project selected by default is not one I use very often. Every time I have to change the project to the one I actually want to look at.

The web UI doesn’t remember the last project selected and I can’t find an option to set a ‘default project’.

I’ve tried staring the project, this doesn’t help.

Any ideas?

It should be the most recent as far as I recall. Could you try clearing your cookies for and see if you still have the same issue? I’ve seen browsers incorrectly persist cookies in the past, which would then prevent our “last active” from sticking.

Cleared cookies, logged in again. Opens on to the unwanted project. Changed to wanted project, closed tab and re-opened Still defaults to the unwanted project :frowning_face:

I’m seeing the same problem: the wrong project is selected by default and clearing my site data (cookies, local storage, etc) doesn’t change this.

When I load my preferred project, I do see that a localStorage property global-selection:[myorg] is set with the correct project ID. However when I next load that value is ignored and the incorrect project is loaded instead.

For me, the incorrectly selected project is the first alphabetically - I don’t know if this is the same for @wjdp but if so maybe it’s falling back to some default “Load the first in this list” behaviour?

I’m happy to provide dev tools screenshots and network logs if it’s useful.

I have the exact same problem.
I have two projects and it looks like the default one that get’s selected is the first according to project name (they are sorted alphabetivaly).
Ideally the project we select as the default one should be selected as default.

Any news? I have the same issue, it is really annoying :frowning: