Single page with all issues across all projects


Before the new changes in the UI, there was this one page where all the issues across all projects were shown.

How do I get to that page in the new UI ?

It is really annoying to go look at each project for issues.
At times, some issues are related and it might be better to see all on one page.


This page doesn’t exist, and we’re not sure if it will ever exist. While we’re working on solving the original infrastructure reason for bucketing project data, there are a number of other issues around the concert of “all projects”. You might simply considering pushing all of the data into the same project.


My company has the same problem.
I’m accustomed to seeing all problems together (>60 projects) and quickly assigning them to my colleagues… but now this is not possible.
You are sure it is not possible in the future to see all problems for all projects on only one list?


Hey David. I just ran into this problem as well and wanted to voice my recommendation that this functionality be restored. I would think that viewing issues across all projects would be a common-enough use case, and I hope this view will be slated for restoration in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for listening! :blush: