[SOLVED] 'invalid input syntax for type inet' when creating new project etc

Hi there,

I get this error after creating projects or teams, either through the front-end or via the REST API.

DataError: DataError('invalid input syntax for type inet: " "

The action succeeds, and the error occurs when writing the audit. It looks like it’s caused by a space at the end of the IP address. Here’s the offending INSERT (slightly edited):

INSERT INTO "sentry_auditlogentry" ("organization_id", "actor_label", "actor_id", "actor_key_id", "target_object", "target_user_id", "event", "ip_address", "data", "datetime") VALUES (1, 'admin@xxxx', 1, NULL, 1, NULL, 11, ' ', 'xxxx', '2017-09-04 13:06:45.028527+00:00') RETURNING "sentry_auditlogentry"."id"

I don’t see that on our dev instance of Sentry, so I imagine it’s something environmental. I was wondering if anyone’s seen anything like it?

Many thanks in advance!

Seems to be a known issue, which I will follow

Hi there,

How can I tell if this issue is in the latest ‘onpremise’ Docker image? I can see that it’s in the master branch, but not sure how to find which Docker image it is in, if indeed it is one.

Many thanks!

We installed the latest Docker image and the problem was fixed