Upgrade 8.22.0 to latest


We have a Sentry server version 8.22.0 with mysql. I will want to upgrade to the latest version.
For this, I created a new server with Docker version 9.1.2 then I will migrate to the latest version. I am trying to migrate the database from Mysql to Postgres SQL.

I extracted the mysql database from our Sentry. I installed mysql server on the new server and imported the database.

I installed PGLOADER, and tried to do the migration, I still have an error after 1h30 of migration.

Important the new POSTGRES database is hosted on AWS (RDS).

Here is my pgloader.load file:

load database
from mysql: // sentry: pass_sentry @ localhost / sentry
into postgresql: // postgres: pass_sentry@testsentry.ctlgtfmqupkv.eu-west-1.rds.amazonaws.com/sentry

WITH include drop, create tables, create indexes, reset sequences, batch rows = 100, batch concurrency = 2, prefetch rows = 50000

net_read_timeout = ‘1000’,
net_write_timeout = ‘1000’

Here is the error:

2021-01-22T12: 33: 10.983000Z ERROR A thread failed with error: Couldn’t write to # <SB-SYS: FD-STREAM for “socket, peer:” {10149A26C3 }>:
Broken pipe
2021-01-22T12: 33: 10.985000Z ERROR Date / time: 2021-01-22-13: 33!
An unhandled error condition has been signaled:
Couldn’t write to # <SB-SYS: FD-STREAM for “socket, peer:” {10149A26C3}>:
Broken pipe

Do you have an idea ?