About relay config.yml

I am using redis cluster with password now.
So, redis password is provided with all images connecting redis. However, in the relay config.xml, i can set the hostname and port of redis, but there seems to be no way to enter a separate password.
So, the relay succeeds in checking the connection with redis, but when I use redis, the error message “2020-12-24T02:22:14Z [r2d2] ERROR: broken pipe” still occurs.
After that, finally "2020-12-24T02:22:14Z [relay_server::actors::project_redis] ERROR: Failed to fetch project from Redis: failed to talk to redis
caused by: failed to pool redis connection
“caused by: timed out waiting for connection: broken pipe” appears. It seems that the connection is not possible because there is no redis password.
The execution of sentry itself seems to be fine, but I think there is a problem that the cache cannot be used internally.
How can I fix the problem?

redis config takes a URI with the protocol bit set to redis, this means you can add the username and password just like a normal URI: redis://username:password@hostname:port

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