About replace_tsdb in install.sh (v 20.10.1)

What is the purpose of the replace_tsdb function in the 20.10.1 version of install.sh? I also read about https://github.com/getsentry/onpremise/pull/430 through the comments you left, but I don’t understand. In 9.1.2, redis is known as an in-memory db used for message queuing. Is there a reason to migrate redis data to snuba? Is it moving from redis to snuba to handle residual events that are not reflected in postgres during version upgrade? And when moving from 9.1.2 to 20.10.1, the corresponding replace_tsdb function is not executed. When is this function executed?

replace_tsdb is executed for sure on every run of install.sh. It may just be that there’s nothing to do in your case.

We are not migrating all data from Redis to Snuba. It just so happens that we can already answer questions like “how many events has Sentry accepted/dropped within the past 24h” with Snuba, so we remove the equivalent data store in Redis.

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