Accepted events not showing up in project


I’m new to Sentry and after hours of digging through documentations and topics I still couldn’t find an answer.
So, we have an on-premise instance (9.0.0 of version) and I try to setup Sentry into our project. I started with a simple Node.js application and set it up based on the guide just to check how it works.
Now my problem is, that under the Stats I can see that the events arrived but only a couple displaying under the project and I can’t even find the events by their id. Also there is a significant delay too, when the event sent I immediately see under stats that the number is increased but the few event which show up under the project appearing after 1-2 hours.

Can someone able to shed some lights for this weird anonamyl? Thanks!

My best guess would be an issue with your cron or worker instances. Can you verify that they work reliably and with enough resources? It is recommended to have multiple worker processes if your load is high (not necessarily from this app but in overall Sentry usage)