Add Custom Sentry Integration to Vercel

Hey folks, I took ownership of apps that are using self-hosted Sentry. We currently use Vercel, and I am trying to figure out how to add a custom integration Create Integration - Integrations Console – Dashboard – Vercel

We are having some issues with source maps, and also we would like to alleviate the pain of introducing new apps.

I am trying to find documentation about what we suppose to put in the following highlighted sections:

Would appreciate any help on the topic, I tried to follow but the settings information seems to be outdated since Vercel changed their integrations recently I think.

I’m not sure which version of Sentry you are using but in the newer versions, we have something like this: Vercel | Sentry Documentation

Does that help?

Hey @BYK we are in v21.6.1 at the moment,

I am a bit confused about how Vercel | Sentry Documentation would work since such Integration forces us to use hosted Sentry.

I tried to follow such a guide, but didn’t work, do you think that it was a version issue?

All these integrations are available in self-hsoted Sentry too. They just might be underdocumented or not enabled by default but you should be able to use them if you try a bit. We may get some help from our ecosystem team: @manuzope and also @lobsterkatie who I think was the driving force behind the Vercel integration.

21.6.1 is not very recent so it very well might be. Would you mind trying to upgrade? Don’t forget that you need to upgrade to 21.6.3 first to be able to go further:

Yeah I hear you, as I posted in the picture I shared, I just don’t know where to point some of the stuff, I think I got most of it working but the “Callback” configuration still unknown for me

This is what I get based on my setup

This is what I have so far:

Hey @BYK any feedback on the topic? By now I read enough python code but I couldn’t figure it out, please share some love :love_letter:

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