Adding ColdFusion as a Platform


I was wondering how we can get ColdFusion as a platform in the create project view. There has been a couple of clients developed for easy integration. The first was raven-cfml, then sentry-cfml which I created based on that initial project and now the latest community supported one is the ColdBox Sentry Module by @bdw429s


This would be great to get recognition for the CFML devs out there rocking Sentry. FYI, I’m the maintainer of the ColdBox module. Two places we’d like to see CFML listed is here:

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You can edit that page directly on
github and add CFML there. (I would do it rather than post about it but I’ve just run out of disk space and can’t edit my fork :roll_eyes:)

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Thank you! I created the pull request to add into the Community Supported list.

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Can you link to the pull here please?

We use this and it would be great to add ColdFusion as a platform!