Adding release triggers multiple sentry requests

Hi, i added Sentry to an Angular application, and i initially registered the dsn and the environments i wanted to create.

Now i tried to generate a release based on our package.json version but it just triggers several Sentry requests. How can i understand why this is happening?

Can you elaborate what you are doing at this stage? How do you generate a release? What are the triggered Sentry requests you mention here?

At this moment i just added the release property on my Sentry.init kie this:
release : ‘1234’

I do get the release on sentry documented but if i initialize any page on my project i can see multiple requests to sentry on my network tab.

Without the release, i get 1 request when i initialize the page, but with the release i get multiple, like 6~7 with 1~ second difference from each.

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This might be due to performance measurements and release health. Are you able to share the contents/details of these requests?

I just tested it again and i only have 3 additional requests from the normal version without release.

Before the normal request to sentry, which also happens without the release, i have 3 similar requests. they all have the following payload with minimal differences in this specific order.:

{“sent_at”:“2021-03-04T17:31:20.041Z”,“sdk”:{“name”:“sentry.javascript.angular”,“version”:“6.2.1”}} {“type”:“session”} {“sid”:“9ea2b95db41a4cb1b314c0186d75808a”,“init”:true,“started”:“2021-03-04T17:31:20.040Z”,“timestamp”:“2021-03-04T17:31:20.041Z”,“status”:“ok”,“errors”:0,“duration”:1,“attrs”:{“release”:“1”,“environment”:“development”}}

{“sent_at”:“2021-03-04T17:31:20.276Z”,“sdk”:{“name”:“sentry.javascript.angular”,“version”:“6.2.1”}} {“type”:“session”} {“sid”:“9ea2b95db41a4cb1b314c0186d75808a”,“init”:false,“started”:“2021-03-04T17:31:20.040Z”,“timestamp”:“2021-03-04T17:31:20.276Z”,“status”:“exited”,“errors”:0,“duration”:236,“attrs”:{“release”:“1”,“environment”:“development”}}

{“sent_at”:“2021-03-04T17:31:20.285Z”,“sdk”:{“name”:“sentry.javascript.angular”,“version”:“6.2.1”}} {“type”:“session”} {“sid”:“d22c440d22c24f28897d2b303ab9c504”,“init”:true,“started”:“2021-03-04T17:31:20.276Z”,“timestamp”:“2021-03-04T17:31:20.276Z”,“status”:“ok”,“errors”:0,“duration”:0,“attrs”:{“release”:“1”,“environment”:“development”}}

Can i have a better understanding on what is happening here?

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Yup, these are performance/release health requests. They are expected.

@HazAT or kamilogorek may speak more about this.

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