Aiohttp in Docker

I started sentry using the recommended method for aiohttp as follows. When I start my script with “python [script name]”, it works like a charm. However, when I start the same server inside a minimal docker environment (from from python:3.8), it never captures errors. Is there a problem with sentry’s official recommended setup?

from sentry_sdk.integrations.aiohttp import AioHttpIntegration

# Sentry

The server is running correctly, so it can’t be that the library is missing. Indeed, it’s in requirements.txt:


The Dockerfile couldn’t be simpler:

from python:3.8

copy . /app
workdir /app
run pip install -r requirements.txt

expose 5000

cmd [ "python", "" ]

Hello @allen,

To directly answer your question, there are no known problems running the SDK under either Python 3.8 or within Docker. Please try passing debug=True to init() as that will give you insight into crashes internal to the SDK.