Alert Rules not working


I have an on-prem installation of sentry v20.10.1. I created alert rule for email notifications and pagerduty notification. But, I do not find those alerts working. I am seeing events coming that should satisfy the alert’s where clause but still no notifications are triggered. Please advise.

Can you try with a never version of Sentry as I think there was a fix around this in v20.11.1

I have upgraded to v20.11.1 and now getting below error :

Celery workers are referencing a different version of Sentry (20.11.1 vs 20.10.1)

How can i fix this?

If you have used our install script, this warning should go away after several minutes. It only happens during the early minutes after the upgrade until Sentry waits for the new workers to check in.

Okay.Thanks a lot. I checked later, i was not seeing this coming.

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