Android crash log not n

Somehow android uncaught exception e.g. RuntimeException stacktrace is not capture by Sentry issue list, but the Crash # is showing correctly when viewing the “Release” summary.

When i tried to click in the “Crash” number in “Release” it shows empty in the “Issue” page

I tried to troubleshoot with charles, saw it sending out a “crash” log but no stacktrace of sort…

{“sid”:“d7fa0916-8bb9-40d7-a780-ac7372be2cb3”,“did”:“2b7315f2-13da-4eed-afb1-97bc4dd31af4”,“started”:“2021-02-18T07:09:58.127Z”,“status”:“crashed”,“seq”:1613632207149,“errors”:3,“duration”:9.022,“timestamp”:“2021-02-18T07:10:07.149Z”,“attrs”:{“release”:"{Masked out sensitive details}",“environment”:“xxx”}}