[Android] Events are not accepted in Sentry UI

I’m new using sentry SDK for Android 2.0.0. I have integrated it following documentation (adding dependency and adding metadata with DSN key), but when I check the UI Sentry in the “Stats” screen, all kind of events (crashes, exceptions, …) are displayed as not accepted and in “Issues” screen stills without any one. Any idea??

hey @Alberto
are you using sentry.io or onpremise? would you mind sharing the org link?
the screenshot shows only accepted, no rate limited issues, I’d need more info to help you out.

Have you used the right DSN?

just to double-check, docs are here https://docs.sentry.io/platforms/android/

DSN can be seen here https://sentry.io/settings/{your_org}/projects/{your_project}/keys/
Change the {your_org} and {your_project}

if all of this is already correct, enable the debug mode on the SDK and try it again.

This can be done by setting a new meta-data configuration:
<meta-data android:name="io.sentry.debug" android:value="true" />

Inspect the logcat and let us know if you find any weird messages, if logs are clean, we’d need to have a look at your org, thanks.