API issue events limited to 100

Hi, I was using the API in order to get all the events from an issue but the problem is that I can only get 100. And those are the last ones.

I already tried to use the pagination docs but if I try to use it in any way I get a 404 not found.

This is the endpoint I’m using: https://sentry.io/api/0/issues/{issue_id}/events/

It’s any way to get a paginated JSON or all the events from an endpoint?


The pagination should be the same endpoint with a cursor argument attached to it. I’m not sure why you’d get a 404 from it, but if you have an example URL where it’s returning that response can you attach it here (the issue ID isnt sensitive).

This is the endpoint


Are you sure you’re using the headers correctly? The Link header has a ‘next’ page result, which worked for me. It’s also possible that there’s a permission error here, and I can always investigate that more.

Here’s the next header I used:


HTTP Client Request is giving only 100 results. The above thread mentioned about pagination, I tried but It is not getting the expected result.
API Endpoint :

Also, please suggest a header parameter to add.