AWS EC2 server crashes

I successfully installed the Sentry on AWS EC2 sever, and I can receive error event from my project. But the EC2 server will crash after about 1 day. I cannot ssh into the server, and I cannot access the Sentry web page. But all work well if I stop and start the server from the AWS console.

Anyone encountered this problem before? Thanks!

Yes even i am facing the same issue use the AMI in the Market place

I tried to install the Sentry on a standalone server with Sentry being the only service on it, and it works well currently. But there are some CPU usage spike seen from the monitoring. I guess it may not be actually “crash”, it is the high CPU usage that stuck the EC2.

So I suggest you try the Sentry installation on a new server to see if it helps you.

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I was running Sentry in Lightsail after coming from Vultr and had the same issue.

I still have to complete more testing but I believe this issue is to do with Disk I/O.

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