AWS Multi-AZ Sentry


I am very new to Sentry. I am just wondering if anyone tried to install a multi-az Sentry environment. I was thinking to have Sentry behind an autoscaling group.

Any tips would be much appreciated.

There’s nothing really wrong with doing this. If you’re in Amazon, then if you can get away with RDS and ElastiCache, there shouldn’t really be any issues.

Note that I don’t really advocate this and we have no actual experience running Sentry with RDS or ElastiCache, so not really sure if those are actually suitable or not. But there’s nothing really inherently hard or difficult about running multi A-Z. You just need to share data stores in one AZ and won’t be able to distribute that, for obvious reasons.

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Hi yasir, been playing with the same thing myself while looking at setting up Sentry in AWS recently. I ended up going down the route of putting what I found into a CloudFormation template. It’s not been used for anything other than testing how Sentry works, but it does demonstrate using an auto-scaling EC2 group with launch configuration, plus encrypting the configuration using KMS.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Looks good Daniel … Excellent work! I took Matt’s Advice and used RDS Elasticash and SES in Terraform and created a start script to configure the instance. I also haven’t rolled that into production yet, I am trying to see it’s behaviour before we roll it.