Battery consumption in React Native with Sentry

Does Sentry have any background workers polling to push updates or anything like that in the Sentry SDK for React Native?

I ask because when my app is backgrounded I noticed that Battery on ios shows that it is always in “background”. So it will show “2m on, 58m in background”. It makes me believe there is some thread still running.

I ejected my Expo app, and ran my app on my phone with enableNative: false in the Sentry settings, and it appears to be taking less energy as well, so wondering if that is releated.

Is there anything like this in Sentry SDK for react native? Or is Sentry build to just send once when captureMessage or captureException is called?

Hmm I have never experienced this myself. I’ve tried to reproduce it by putting a production RN app I have that runs the Sentry SDK in the background, but the Battery page on iOS only registers the time that the app is in foreground, not any background time like you mentioned.

Is it possible for you to provide us with a reproducible app where we can investigate this?