Best way to upgrade to latest sentry version from v9.0.0


I read several release notes and changeme docs, but there isn’t a dedicated path (do i need to cherry-pick docs?) on how to upgrade to the latest sentry version.

  1. Can i directly upgrade to v20 ?
  2. Would be great if there is a k8s helm-chart to assist ?
  3. Does v9.1.2 need snuba, kafka, etc services ?



We have this little nugget here but I agree it is a bit buried down, will move this to main docs:

Short answer: no. You need to upgrade to 9.1.2 first.

There’s this community project: (note that this is not official and we do not actively support it while we appreciate the effort and attention to detail there)

Nope, it is quite minimal compared to anything that comes later:

That said this means you don’t have any of the advanced capabilities like improved search, performance monitoring, discover etc.