Browser javascript SDK in vue+webpack app causes crash

I’m just getting started with Sentry, and have a q.

context: browser-based Vue SPA, built with vue-cli and webpack.

When building to dev, Sentry initializes and seems to work ok (except that user reports seem to disappear, but thats another issue).

The bigger issue is that when building to pseudo-prod, my app can’t even initialize through main.js, as it throws an error to the tune of “cannot set traceId of null” (and the error occurs before sentry is set up). Grepping through the webpacked (but not minified) dev-build of my SPA, the only assignments I can see to [[someObject]].traceId are to do with some ‘Span’ class internal to the Sentry JS SDK, but googling returns no hits. Anyone……got any clues?