[browser-JS] Reports from Hub like reports from Sentry

Hello! I need to have multiple clients on the page and I’ve decided to use a hub for this. But the hub sends exceptions without many informations, for example, without breadcrumbs and stacktraces. Can I make send exceptions more informative like Sentry.captureException?

I tried to use integration and contexts, but this is not enough

  const client = new Sentry.Hub(new Sentry.BrowserClient({
    dsn: "https://somePage.com",
    integrations: [
      new Sentry.Integrations.UserAgent(),
      new CaptureConsole({ levels: ["error", "warn"] }),
      new Sentry.Integrations.Breadcrumbs(),
      new Integrations.BrowserTracing({}),

  const browser = browserInfo();

  client.setTag("browser.name", browser.name);
  client.setContext("browser", { name: browser.name, version: browser.version, type: "browser" });
  client.setContext("os", { name: browser.os });