Using latest version of Sentry w/ Docker on Ubuntu 18.04.

I ran out of disk space one night and now when I look at the #sentry project on my dashboards, I am getting 400+ errors per hour.

DBPageNotFoundError: (-30986, 'BDB0075 DB_PAGE_NOTFOUND: Requested page not found')
(8 additional frame(s) were not displayed)
  File "celery/beat.py", line 377, in setup_schedule
  File "shelve.py", line 121, in __getitem__
    f = StringIO(self.dict[key])
  File "__init__.py", line 270, in __getitem__
    return _DeadlockWrap(lambda: self.db[key])  # self.db[key]
  File "bsddb/dbutils.py", line 68, in DeadlockWrap
    return function(*_args, **_kwargs)
  File "__init__.py", line 270, in <lambda>
    return _DeadlockWrap(lambda: self.db[key])  # self.db[key]

Is there any repair process I can follow to stop these alerts? Looks like a Celery error, but I am unsure.

Looks like now my main dashboard is not reporting any errors at all that are being sent. It seems like Sentry has a major flaw not protecting itself from max hard disk usage.