Can breadcrumb URL be accessed from beforeSend( ) in Javascript SDK?

Is it possible to get the URL of the most recent breadcrumb in the beforeSend( ) callback?

I’m seeing lots of errors with the title TypeError: Failed to fetch .
Other forum posts suggest to add that error string to the ignoreErrors attribute in Sentry.init( ).

It seems like that URL is the one which can’t be fetched.
If I can get that URL, I’m thinking of creating a whitelist of URLs to ignore when the TypeError occurs. And in the beforeSend( ), I will check if the URL is in the whitelist, then do not send the error to Sentry.

I found the breadcrumbs can be accessed from the event object that’s passed into beforeSend( ).
event.breadcrumbs contains the crumbs.
Also, there’s an optional 2nd argument named hint that’s passed to beforeSend( ).
hints contains some useful information.

beforeSend(event, hints) {