Can't log info level. Is it by design?

I’m trying to log messages from django to Sentry and I can, but not for messages at INFO level. Here are my settings:

'handlers': {
'sentry': {
            'level': 'NOTSET',
            'class': 'raven.handlers.logging.SentryHandler',
            'dsn': 'xpto',
'loggers': {
         'sentry': {
             'handlers': ['sentry'],
             'propagate': False,

and my logging command:

             'test info 6entry logger',
                 'xpto': 'a test',
                 'tags': {
                     'type': 'type 1',
                     'username': request.user.username,

This works perfectly if I use logger.warning or logger.error but not for Messages don’t show up on sentry.

What’s wrong?