CaptureError very slow


I’ve noticed that in the Go SDK, CaptureError takes about 2-4 minutes for the error to show up on my Sentry console. That seems excessively slow. Is this something I can tune to make it faster?

CaptureErrorAndWait blocks for about half a second and then the error is visible immediately in my account.

This is testing from my laptop with no load on my Go app.


There’s no obvious reason that’d be the case. Is it taking 2 to 4 minutes to even fire off the HTTP request to us? Or just 2-4 minutes before we show it in the dashboard? If it’s the latter, we could have just been experiencing a slight delay in processing at the time.

Hi matt,

I did more testing and came to the realization that the delay is not due to CaptureErorr or CaptureErrorAndWait. When a new error is captured (i.e. a new row is created in my Sentry console), it shows up in about 10 seconds. However, when an existing error reoccurs (i.e. the events count increments but no new row in the console), it takes about 2-4 minutes for the count to go up. This is not a one time observation as it is still happening now. Is this normal / expected behaviour?


Yeah, this is expected due to buffering on the server. A lot of metadata is filled in after a delay to prevent blowing up the database.

Ok, that’s helpful to know. Thanks for confirming.