Clean-up Docker Sentry on prem, no disk space freed up

Hi there,
I have a question concerning used diskspace in an on prem Docker Sentry setup.
The diskspace has been growing quite rapidly the past weeks so I decided to delete a lot of events via the webinterface and set a few to Ignore.
Afterwards I ran a cleanup in the following way:
docker exec sentry_onpremise_worker_1 sentry cleanup --days 60
No diskspace seems to be freed up, however.
I’ve noticed that the bulk of the data is in the nodestore_node table (130GB toast)
A autovacuum did indeed ran on the nodestore_node.
My questions are,
If I run vacuumdb full will this free up more data than the autovacuum?
Is there a a way to reduce Kafka data as well?
Are there any other ways of reducing the data in toast?
Thank you in advance!