ConfigurationError("error: argument for 's' must be a bytes object",)

Attempting to upgrade from:

Sentry 20.10.0.dev04e70dbd

to: nightly

seeing this:

!! Configuration error: ConfigurationError("error: argument for 's' must be a bytes object",)

Any pointers?

Yup, this is due to the Python 3 upgrade with a stale configuration file. If you haven’t customized your file under the sentry directory, just remove it and it will be recreated with a fresh one that is Py3 compatible.

If you did modify it, you can still remove the old one, copy in the example one and apply your modifications or just replace these lines: onpremise/ at a95b9fa011ebf3d8fb0fcd6e20d35527c72911cf · getsentry/onpremise · GitHub

Hope this helps!


thank you for the fast response, now I am seeing this:

Creating network "sentry_onpremise_default" with the default driver
cp: cannot stat ‘/temp/snapshot.0’: No such file or directory
An error occurred, caught SIGERR on line 9
Cleaning up..```

“Good” news for you, I have the same problem with a clean install (I have just cloned the repository, and launched ./

I tried to comment the line install/ (because a comment in file says it’s for an upgrade thing) but install script can’t connect to kafka :

2021-05-04 12:12:07,344 Attempting to connect to Kafka (attempt 0)...
2021-05-04 12:12:09,348 Attempting to connect to Kafka (attempt 1)...

i deleted the zookeeper volume and this seems to have resolved the issue…

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