Could not set key: u'l:buffer:process_pending'

I have a lot of messages worker logs, like:
11:00:26 [WARNING] sentry.tasks.process_buffer: Failed to process pending buffers due to error: Unable to acquire <Lock: ‘buffer:process_pending’> due to error: Could not set key: u’l:buffer:process_pending’

Is it wrong configuration or it’s normal?

There are a few reasons why this could happen, but generally it’s probably ok as long as it’s running regularly. This typically would happen if your process pending jobs are overlapping and running concurrently where a lock was already granted. Otherwise, if it’s flat out not working, it’d be a misconfiguration of Redis which is where the locks are held. I’d assume if there’s a misconfiguration of redis, there’d be many more errors though.

Thanks. Looks like it’s OK, because all jobs are processed. We have 2 instances with numprocs=8 and -c 4 for workers on each instance.

Are you running more than 1 cron process? If so, this would cause that too.

We have one image (AMI) for all servers, so yes. I’ll think how improve it.