Create Sentry transactions with cURL? (yes, I rtfm)

Hi there! I have what might be an edge case for Sentry in that I am trying to log server-side errors caught by my server app’s try/catch logic.

In this case, because I am using Node-RED (open source drag & drop orchestration tool) I believe that I need to make cURL requests because I cannot use the node.js SDK because the low-code interfaces don’t support the require() function and I don’t want to introduce module dependencies

From what I understand, each of the caught errors should be written as a ‘transaction’ in the relevant Sentry project, but looking at the Sentry docs’ list of HTTP requests, it doesn’t seem like there are public endpoints for creating transactions?

P.S. It looks like this user found an approach, but I’m curious how “official” this is or if there is a recommended best practice for this use-case